Ex-lover Larry Birkhead and his 16-year-old daughter, Anna Nicole Smith, reject the Netflix documentary because they intend to release their own project’s diaries and videos instead.


Larry Birkhead, the ex-husband of Anna Nicole Smith, and the couple’s 16-year-old daughter, Dannielynn, declined to take part in the Netflix documentary. However, the two intend to share their own narrative with previously unseen details.

Larry remarked, “We aren’t involved in the Anna Nicole Netflix documentary,” adding that by taking an alternative path, he would have greater creative freedom.


He discussed his plans for his own film with The New York Post, saying that skipping Netflix’s documentary that will debut on May 16 may help guarantee that “the people involved are truly connected with Anna.”

In 2007, the late model overdosed unintentionally and passed away. Although she was 39, her legacy endures. “Anna’s own words are the most conclusive there is,” Larry continued.

The personal writings and diaries that Anna kept will be made available to viewers, letting them feel what she went through during her life’s ups and downs.

He claimed that Anna wrote about her husband J. Howard Marshall’s passing, her financial highs and lows, and her family as she described those special times.

In addition to fighting for her late husband’s fortune and grieving the loss of her first child, Daniel, in 2006, Anna occasionally tried to kick her heroin addiction. She had Daniel with her ex-husband Billy Wayne Smith.


Days before Daniel died, the Playboy bombshell gave birth to her daughter Dannielynn. Dannielynn’s mother unfortunately passed away when she was just five months old.

In addition, Larry said he intends to save some never-before-seen home films and mother-daughter photographs for the undertaking. At the moment, no release date has been set.

He talked about the amazing young woman their daughter has grown into last September. On her birthday, Larry wrote, “My darling baby was born sixteen years ago.

“If you want to feel extremely old, do that. Many people believed that the cards were stacked against you, but perhaps they were more favourable to me than to you. You have overcome tragedy, adversity, and a few infant tantrums to become the accomplished person you are today.

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